In Love with a Memory

So many years ago there once was one I loved so.

Love filled my heart; he was one of such grace.

But that was another time, another place.

Even so when I sit to write he seems to creep back into my mind.

Why does this happen? Why do I look behind?

Is there a mark left that will always remain?
Why, really why, this sad refrain?

I would have travelled far and wide.

Convinced I would be by his side.

I would have left all behind.

But he was real, he knew, I was being blind.

He knew it was not something I could do.

Leave my family; all that I knew.

His heart did not want to pull me away.

Is it any wonder I could love this way?

His kind and gentle heart made me not want to part.


Anger grew I just knew he had double crossed me,

but in my blindness I did not see.

He was sparing me the pain of all left behind.

He knew I would not be happy, he was that kind.

Leave my mother and children of my homeland?

It was not part of a grander plan.

And you may ask; why did he not come to me?

He had little ones; he was the provider you see.

We both thought our marriages were at their end.

But then I dont think we were really quite convinced.

He heard harsh words because of my pain,

and still was kind to me.

Is it any wonder,

I'm in love with a memory?




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Heartstrings from Long ago.

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