Naïveté and Tears


Pick a moment
you'd like to return to.
That time we were all dreamy-eyed.
Complete, like a perfect rhyme.
And we understood.


Blinks in sync with lightning blasts,
the coming storm could not rattle us.
Blind to the noise,

                                     the extraneous,

and unearthing epiphanies
beneath the miscellaneous.


Candor came pouring out ears.
And before you knew how to feel
the next line,
we were soaring
without knowing what it was,
so adoring,
that let us indulge.


I will not divulge all the details
of that instant.
For it cannot be recalled
in totality.
But we can harness what rains
through the cracks of the past
in hopes to remember, at last... we seemed only infants then,
unable to pretend,
dressed in naïveté and tears.



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