Balcony Barbecues

This one is for

the ones who make you feel at home

in their little, stained apartment place

as they barbecue

from some slab of balcony

overlooking the parking space where

cigarettes convene on top of

engine oil and steam and it all

kind of smells like dream and

how absurd but for a moment

poverty becomes preferred over the

cream of cream, the

day-to-day of

endless wealth, those paper slabs of green

that keep comin' like

run-on sentences so you never have to

stop and think what

silence might be like if you just

tune into a

lack of sound and

man... all just makes you feel like

dropping all your member cards and

holding onto someone's hand because

it might just make amends for

our indulgences and then

we'll leave the comfort of our

concrete little dungeons into streets

to see the old Mexican man

hanging groceries on

bike handles, quite unevenly,

but how he shifts the weight to balance

with the simple love that

puts this world in place and

pedals off into the scenery...

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