I Know the Secret Behind the Easter Eggs

"Find Love now!"

the email ad said.

But I wasn't

looking for it.

And either way,

why is it hiding?

And where?


they make it sound

like an Easter Egg:

Discover it,

hold it

in conquest,


then look for another.

"Find Love now!"

In a URL?

I find that

hard to re-tell

with a straight face.

No, it'd probably be


in laughter.

My inbox

is funny sometimes.

"Fall in Love now!"

How does it happen

that people

fall in it,

but later

fall out of it?

That's not physically


is it?

Or am I being


and a cynic?

A world of hopefuls


over one syllable,

four letters,

two verbs,

and trying to break down

what it all means.

But maybe the allure –

the drive for the search -

is in its mystery.

Oh, what a trip.

One day I'll tell everyone

I've long since

cracked the case.


Love ain't so difficult

to decipher.

I've found it all out

and I'm pretty sure

the mystical term

in which

we've all been confiding

is merely an acronym.

--Lust Over Vagina--

Shit, the E is still hiding.

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