A Downward Gust

A winning lottery ticket,

from his hand

is snatched forever

by a gust of wind,

like a cherry plucked.

And with it

a newfound breath,

unbeknownst only moments ago,

would erode in his chest.

He cried deep

like an organ moan escaping

the pit of a cathedral

before running into a girl who,

tattered in rags and a smile,

whispered hello.

It was then, he recalled

the horror of last month's

nine o'clock news,

and the portrait of a local rape victim

skimmed his memory

like fingers seeking

the right piano key.

How a chord was struck then.

Her image had been rumbling

in his stomach for weeks.

At least until he got high

on his jackpot, but...

...just as a wave descends,

he subsided and leveled out

right beside her,

then offered his hand.

Destinies, intertwined like helices

were bound around time

in tandem.

And he smiled back,

knowing nothing was random.

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