Freestyle Battle - May 1-3, 2003


In a world of battles

I bring to the table

Shit that makes feeble minds rattle

And unstable.

Like I'm HBO and you... basic cable

Commence clashing of minds

As you suffer from notions

I spit so divine.

You get lost in my ocean

Of torturous rhymes.

Here's a dime

Go and pick yourself up

A talented line.

But never give up

Cause I thrive

On lyrical clashes

From my mental beehive

That flow like honey

While you try to survive

From my spiritual lashes

That only strive

To bring you to ashes...



oh wait what this,

it seems ive lost my breath,

by the blow to the chest,

ive encounter.

good shot, and since ThaPOET

got lost in this jungl,

your turn to run Grahf,

and im the hunter of hunters.

Much props for the lyrics,

but your just boosting my spirits...


Refilled and im out to kill,

worse part is not for keeps

just for sport,and im the

judge in this lyricall court.

what yall thought you had game,

come on,

im the reason why theres thundering

with rain, and your working out your

brain, make sure you dont

burn out and wind up insane,

i didnt even think you had a second round,

but stop greening like a clown,

cause among my sea a verbs your gonna drown,

your underweight, you need to gain some pounds,

feather weight trying to keep up

with a heavyweights, this has

to be your biggest mistake.

what you trying to kick knowledge,

victory comes instinctively to me you see,

and you?! you just someone else

that's haunted by my poetry.

Bring it, but give it all you got,

otherwise on your lyrics ima have 2 stop.

so drop what you drop, just make

sure that none of it flops,

come one lets open up shop.

ill place you unedr my belt,

right next to THAPOET and PRANKSTA,

cause i already picked your spot.



Man I was swimming

In your 'sea of verbs'

And yeah that water was chilling

My bones and words.

But there ain't no mountain I can't handle.

No rhythmic attack I can't dismantle

With my pre existing mission

To use this poetic intuition

To make divisions

Between the wax and the candle

What shines and what rambles

Y'all scramble

In the darkness

Of my lyrical scandal.



yo, imma speak the truth

imma be the living proof

that my hispanic soul

knocked yo brain str8 through the roof

now, im set loose

commin and bringin ruckus

boy, u step up to me?

im like Hammer, "you cant touch this" (lol)

so what then?

what about u?

yo, im rockin steady

and thats how im commin through

kinda sad

how easily im destroyin you

thats what ya get

wit my simple 1, 2

so i speak my mind

and a hater is all i see

but u cant compare to me

ure to a lesser degree



who hold the belt in this fight?!

for i alone scared the sun,

for the damgae to my eyes,

and so now there is night.

who here holds the belt to the battle?

youngins lookins for words,

like bums along the curve,

the nerve of yall,

trying to let you know,

and trying to let my light upon you glow,

and what do you do, spit in my face,

ima have to put yall in your place.

first, like THAPOET said is all in the

fam, for and forever,

and like i read, a fam that stays together

grows together, and im the father,

yall just kids on my shourlders.

shhh, now now, stay quiet and listen

ima pick it up a notch, take

it to another level..

and if spoken word was hell,

call me the devil..

lets go..

Peoetic sentences that speak louder

that your eardrums can reach,

highly evolve sounds of speech,

and my words are used to teach

those whos wills are weak..

this is something your just not ready for,

cause you looking through windows,

while im opening multiple doors,

as my lyrics build up the perfect floor,

for me to step, like rosepetals

covered in gold,

watch as this mental anarchy unfolds,

and you were warned by me before.

cause the belt im the one who holds.

read my prior post, recorded proof

of what's being told,

i know your

brave and even bold, but you let me

in your mind, and is your thoughts

that i have stold.



damn RoKSteadY

try to make some sense

you sound all confused

like a broke ass 50 cent

your words are all shady

they have no meaning

i can't tell if thats a vent

or just a jacked up plea

to get spent

so get bent

cause i can't believe

i'm wasting time spitting at you

i guess i feel bad

cause everyone's shitting on you

whatever it is

you need to go school

kindergarten for rappers is open

and they lookin for you fool

so collect ya drool

and prepare to

go back to the days were

you weren't cool

oh wait you never where

aight then dogg

then step in the stir

and spin the fuck off

cause you have been here for a min

and already you's a blur

changed from him to her

cause we got yah balls on lock down

don't make a peep, not a sound

or you won't be around

to read, not participate

in the next round

inclosing please don't cry

just because you dickless

doesn't make you not a guy

its not the end of the world

you won't die

but you can step off

mother fucker bye bye



Yeah Saynt... true true...

Gotta make myself heard

Through wicked verse...


Trhough all these fools so absurd

Like they're walking in reverse

While I disperse

Poetic missiles.

Yeah my mouth's a cannon

Throwing potent bullets like Rich Ganon.

Leaving y'all wondering things

You never thought you could imagine.

But something foul I smell

When all your rhymes are sagging

While I pour like holy hell

Over your minds that are only lagging.

Raining piercing drops

With this acid tongue

Breathing sickest thoughts

With this acid lung.

Yeah give me my props

Cuz my rhyme is hung

Like a porno star...

Should I spit another verse?

Nah. To you it's just a curse

That'll put you in that lyrical hearse

Where you belong

Fade out your song

And turn mine up

And hear the glory

Of my story

That defies all categories.



wow i can't believe

you actually try to battle

you come off all rattled

like you on a crazy horse

with out a damn saddle

pay for some lessons

please, let me talk them

i'll give u my blessin

cause right now your sour

like rotten salad dressin

seriously now your awful

i'm not messin

ok i'll give you some credit

your good at talkin shit

but when it comes to battles

you can't shed it

someone call a medic

i'm done with this edict

you anit even competitive

your minds sic

take some cold medicine

your words are coughing and sneezing

hurting my ears

leaving my ears bleeding

there pleading

for you to by some duck tape

and cover you fingers

stop this lyrical rape

go back to porno and masturbate

cause at this rate

you have an empty plate

don't even contemplate

these words

i broke the slate

don't come back

until you have something

thats worth reading

don't be late

peace and much respect yo



aint nothing but trouble over here

i advize you to stand in the crowd and cheer

cause you aint a leader

good kid type that brought apples to teachers

got pulled out his sneakers

i've had pull since balling was beepers

your lyrics are weaker

alot of starch but still dry like the cleaners

im a felony your a misdemeanor

i got foot long polish your a weiner

trick you cant match my demeanor

treat you like the Athens

in this Peloponnesian war

end result you and your allies

prostiting turing into whores

money in your pocket less than a score

my posts you say you will ignore

only b/c your moms tell you im to hardcore

lil dick faggot wish you can get hard some more

my classes like viagara

teach you about m4's

how to build rapport

and poetry is not your antiwar

your sweet like a candy store

I got the heart of the entire marine corp

bitch nigga

ill kill you on yom kippur

im like c4

and im a implore

that you go off shore

cause your like a white guy

on a reggae dance floor



I spit deadly

Taunting y'all with that ice

From my cavern of medleys

Where MCs that tempt me

Dare to explore

Dragging their feet

On my lyrical floor

Destined to meet

With the cynical Four

That make up my thoughts:


These first two define my need

To deceive

All these so called MCs

With the skills that I've brought.

HATRED is next

Serving to shatter

Any goddamn pattern

That ain't at its best.

Last thing I test

Is how I can batter

And rhythmically knock

The piss from your poetic bladder.

I got these Four on lock.





spell bound, and inside my mind

i've found a place to make clowns frown.

as i engage in this mental agony,

and excuse my thoughts and their need

for polygamy.


evolutionary concept

of a mind so deep,

poets quote

my verbal speech.

When im cyphering, like a boxer

with the greater reach, i play

and enjoy a game with my enemy.

Tragically, cause their cry is

the source to my poetry's potency.

strategically, and carefully,

breaking down walls in your mind,

it comes to me instinctively.

A poet that cannot ever be taken

lightly, not for a second,


or even momentarily.

Lyrically i shine like stars,

and remain

in your brain,leaving stains


the worse of your childhood scars,

with the infinite amount of bars i

produce and choose to use and fuse it

all with punchlines and rhymes.

Wording, as plain as a sunny day,

and everfluent like water

drops make rain.

although plain as rain, with enough

force applied even rain can be

hard to maintain,

impossible to restrain.

bringing darkness to go

along with all the pain.

Theres no need to explain why others

refrain to use my name.

cause i don't put my words to

misuse or abuse, not playing games

and when i do i cant loose.

and its not based on you

cause is something i choose

to prove with you.

My words never introduced

to cause harm,

but i refuse to be put to shame,

by another player in the same game.

This is a competition for

survival, and upon my arrival

like Castro and Batista i create

profound scandals.

Like vandals equipped with proper


My words are put to work

like students in school.

proceeding to the dismantle of your

lyrical structure and the capture

of your ego for torture of

unprecedented proportions.

In the extortion of your words,

weakening your voice 'til

you can never be heard


Ill say "I knew you back when..."

Lyrics not used to offend, but

produced to defend from starting

to end.

Its no use, you cant refuse on

the situation, and by now i've

broken down all your concentration.

For you this is a conversation

at the wrong time and location.

Not sticks or stones, and although

you said words can never hurt,

you feel the lacerations, and

cant get passed the humiliation

that comes with frustration, cause

you lack the mental motivation,

not to mention the elevation.

with no one around to offer the

verbal motivation.

and im taking over the cypher

like dictators do to nations.

You're just a soldier aim in

the wrong direction, with no

chance of salvation and no

place under my new rules and


You cant get passed my amunition

of words and your subject to

manipulation, in what has become

your worse cypher occasion.

Cause ive damaged and ravaged

you wording perception, now you

dwell pitifully on you verbal


as i proceed like

a virus in this infestation,

'til you cant move or stop the


Its done, your through.

alone, to deal with your confusion

and create an explanations for

all your delusions of

this invasion.

as i come to my conclusion

of this verbal




Your words

They don't touch me

I think you must be

A poetic turd

What you said ain't heard

By the masses.

What you said ain't seen

With a million fuckin glasses

Here we go

Let us wipe our asses

With meaningless taunts

That don't seem to daunt


So don't front

In my sun

Cuz you flaunt

Many guns

With no ammo...



Callin us poetic turds

You the turd that floats in water

Goin down that poetic pipe

Pack a bowl smoke ya

Oh no

You say you a gun

Well son I wouldn't use for a side arm

You not even a bee bee gun

You plastic

Im elastic

Wrap myself around your figurtive words

I flushed now go down that bowl.



If you're elastic

Then I'm stone.

I stretch for no one

Stay in my zone

Spittin classic

Lines so fucking drastic

That make you spastic

While I try

To put meaning

To your vibe

So demeaning

But even half alive

Words like yours can't hide

The fact that they're feigning

For potency

For real poetry

Now go with me

And maybe I'll show you

To flow with me

How not to fail

Because as of now

Your style seems stale

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