Siren Song

Lost Writes (2003)

Sing, sing, Siren...

Sing songs of irony.

Bring harmony

With every note wrapped in a trace

Of the succulent lips that adorn your face

As they escape your gasp.

And throw these Do-Re-Mi's

Within my aching grasp.

Mind hall decorated with

Melody underrated.

Echoes of cloudshine.

Beams surround my

Darkest brown eyed gaze.

Release the cows that graze

On my intrinsic grass.

Slash them with broken glass

And make them bleed their once believed

Black and white fur red.

Make them hear all the goddamn nothing I said.

And put my bluffing to bed.

Stuffy... head...

Lucky... meds...

Get to...

Fuck me... dead...

No more...

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