Flip the Script

Lost Writes (2003)

How he... hungers.

Feed him.

How he... suffers.

Bleed him.

How he... mutters.

Beat him.

Make him talk

A little louder.

I've seen him.

Seen him walk.

Believed him

When he seemed to talk.

Beamed him

To the very top.

Gleamed him

With my own fucking light.

How he will suffer tonight.

Stealing all I've had in my sight.

For worship so trite.

Cast down your humble spirit

And release to me that mumble within.

The kind that makes you stumble to sin.

Yes... This is you.

Your inner voice.

The one that creates the choice

That you would never do.

I pity you.


Silly you.


Mini rules

You make for yourself

Lay atop your shelf.

Tumble those books down.

Yes... your bloody book.

Coated in gore.

Shrouded in matters unsightly.

Flip to the page where the mighty

Is all but a crook.

Coated in gore.

Flip to the scripture that shows me the picture

Of how He waged war.

Coated in... yes.. a substance so gory.

Show me...

Flip to the page that portrays all His rage

For all who believed other stories!

Everyone open to options.

How they were cast into hellish abyss

Of regret.

Show me the things that they get.

And the reasons thereof... so lacking.

Flip to the page that showed all His backing

Of every two sides of a battle.

Leading them into each other like cattle

With death wishes.

They are his best bitches.

Those who abide by the souls of a lie.

And flip to the page where I will be smitten

For all of the honesty that I have written.

Show me the page where this writing has since been omitted.

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