Stomach Pains

Lost Writes (2003)

Wretched knots

Pick at my stomach..

Bend me over in agony from it.

Cacophony cries through my lips

Mahogany shit... I'm at your merciless grip...

Eat my insides... Cleanse the bowels I hold in my body cold...

And make me fold three times for each putrid thought

I wished I had all but forgot.

Bring that pang of guilt

That comes with the mental instinct I've built

And suffer me right tonight...

Sharp pains run through these dark veins

And stop at my belly...

Oh coffee of truth... Of you I have sipped and dirtied my tooth...

Now you run rampant through every black bone

And wrap so tight my very backbone and around...

You've found where I keep all the shit that I shroud.

So tear it to pieces and wreck me from these intrinsic feces.

Make me double over in sorrow

Clutch my twisted gut

And show me a flash of tomorrow...

White like the purest death once these bowels are cleansed

I'll follow it to the very end.

I shit on myself today

So that I may say

I am free again...

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