Lost Writes (2003)

Some say Time waits for no man.

Such a thing is blasphemy.

I've seen Time frozen in quicksand.

Suspended in indefinite atrophy.

And so I've learned to fully know

And examine all these hours beckon.

Taken months to fully glow

In the light of every second.

With my mental gears racing

At a million miles a nothing.

I have seen the lovely pacing

Of a million decades coming.

As I unravel every maze

I delve deep into surreal.

These caves of Years where nothing stays

Have an ocean to reveal

If only you could break the seal.

And breathe what I can feel.

Then you will know

That Time is not relentless foe

Carelessly advancing so...

I have brought it to a stop.

Please rewind my mental clock

And watch it go.

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