Donut Love

Lost Writes (2003)

There's a baker's dozen

On the sill.

Go over them please

If you will...

You'll probably notice

Somewhere between the chocolate

Lies your sugar-coated

Candy soul.

Sweet as honey -

Wraps me

When your tales are told.

And just like two rows down.

Your eyes

Cover my gaze

And dress me with the icing

Better left

For all your heart cakes.

And yes, there's heartache

When I saw you mingle

With the fickle

Cinammon type

That used to hang out

By the pickles

They kept by the Deli at night.

But nothing tops it all

When you roll past the choco-frost

And sprinkled phonies

Right to me...

Just to share your taste

With my donut-hole eyes -

Baking ever larger

At the sweetest cries

We harmonize.

So let us


A little louder.


All our powders

Until I make you

Cream filled.

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