Seven Ways to Drown

Lost Writes (2003)

If I soar through black skies

Would I find the silver lining in your cries?

Would they clear the fog and best the acid rain

That gives me trouble to fly?

Or would you open up

And swallow me upward and whole

Into invisible heavens

Of torture within your fire-soul?

Scorching soul cells and splitting my spirit in seven:

One for each time that you showed me the death in your love.

And drove me to numbered nursery rhymes to try and define...

One... one when you showed me your spirits were lonely.

Two... two for your bottled up rue that had painted you Crayola blue.

Three... three for my pathetic stanza crees.

Four... for all the times I showed you destination-less doors.

Five... five when I made your beautiful hatred feel so alive.

Six... six for your butterfly clips that died in my wind.

Seven... seven for charring of souls and all of their brethren.


Pathetic nursery rhymes

Can't even buy the time

To call these anything close to productive lines.

So audience, heed my call.

Trace these pen marks down the page

And watch the ways I fall...

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