Vengeance in Sentence

Lost Writes (2003)

Oh god I want to smother your face

With a taste of something so goddamn bitter

You want it erased...

You want me to chase

And chase... after all your taunts

While you sit around and just flaunt

That smile that soon will be lacking all teeth

Oh god I want to fucking destroy you from underneath.

This is what you want...

For my anger to burst at the seams

So you can play victim defenseless

While I fucking batter relentless

Upon your dreams

And that stupid shitty gleam

In your eyes

That's rife with lies

That makes you look like some kind of prize.

You goddamn demon

How I am feigning

To pour gasoline in

The back of your eyes

And char to the core every tear that was streaming inside...

Oh god how I long to redden that neck

With a precious stab...

My desire to wreck

Everything that you have

And show you what this is about

I'd love to stick a fucking knife in your mouth

And bask in the beautiful silence

Of your closing eyelids

And all of my meaningful violence...

And if you find this...

This writing and who is behind this...

Then know I expect no less from you

The fury... the rage... and all that is true.

This is you.... This is you....

Paint me... black and... fucking... blue

Or I swear.... to... Life.... that... I..... will.... kill..... you........

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