Lost Writes (2003)

Drunk on skin

And not the lack of thoughts

He holds within.

Seeking solace fleeting

In this layerless meeting

Does your soul not start to thin?

Bodies hot like fire

Through a fake desire.

How your epidermis sweats like sand.

You stupid shit

I hope you burn

Inside your superficial land.

How you disgust

Getting off on just a touch

Of something that you know means not that much.

But you must

Press forward and

Test your luck.

How I am jealous

Of how you become so overzealous

Over shallow feels.

But I can sense

That you can sense

How all these things are so unreal.

Try and try

To justify

All that you do for something true

By saying things

You know are flings

Like how you love him

heh... ha... HAHA... He loves him too.

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