Poets' Convo


"How can you eat that?"

he replied.

"It's bona fide garbage."



I retort.

"Don't start this now.

We've been chewing on

this idea for way too long:

           that these words could come out strong enough

           to belong to some movement

           for long enough...

But let's face it,

the trick is to trick yourself

into knowing that it's not a trick:

           that our musings are more than amusing,

           that somehow they harness the answer

           to some kind of riddle

           that we may never define.

           Cause as soon as we know what we?re

           writing about

           it loses intrigue.

Haven't you been in the Art Preservation League

long enough to know

that what doesn't show

speaks more than what does?

           It's the perfect loophole, shithead

           and I'm willing to buy

           such commodities

           if it means I can turn

           this lyrical sodomy

           into a romance scene."


How obscene, how obscene, Alex!

You?ve careened off the poetry track

to bring us back

to why we're amazed by you:

because you tell it so true! So true!


"So good, so far:

I convinced them I'm onto something.

Now they convince me they are..."

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