And the Glow Swallowed Her

I was a waste of energy,

she said.

       "I'm just so afraid

        of putting the wrong information

        in your hands

        lest you leverage it

        to your plans."

I was risky business,

she cried.

       "Investment in you

        is so volatile I can scream.

        The ups and downs

        so needless...

        so fruitless..."

I was a beam

of emotional turmoil

aimed directly at her eyes;

once warm,

but soon only pale with the lies

that made her color blind.

And as her pupils

bled out rainbows

I could only apologize.

I was her heart's demise,

I know.

But I'd probably do it all again

if she let me

so it's better she set me loose

like the animals

whose savage glows

radiate self-preservation:

that distinct

luminous instinct

that swallowed her loving patience.

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