Sucker for Strings

Lost Writes (2003)

Seemingly out of nowhere

Notes begin to slide into existence

Blend into the wind

With close to no resistance.

What subtle silence adorns

Is soon shut out before my senses

By a raging symphony

Of harmony that cleanses

Every entrance to my world.

Every sentence I control

Is now a babbled mush

Disintegrated... Faded at its touch.

And where the baby circle swirl began

A swift typhoon now ran.

A dune of music sand

Folds out before my land

And so I taste what it portrays.

The sun, the stars, the good, the pain.

As micro grains slip through my hand.

And so it plays a raging wave.

Brings out all the blue that paves

Our hearts that try to save each single day from drowning.

How then, is it sounding

When surrounding

Every ghost within my bones.

My very founding.

Every timbre grown

I wish to now record.

Play it back one night I'm bored

And let the speaker-sword slash through my skin

Colored with its reward.

And never worry for the notes that near their end.

I know, that all the same

This time will span so far that it will fold in half

And soon retract into my memory

So I may call on it in reverie

And play back every sweetest melody.

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