Isn't it Funny? (Not Funny Ha-ha)

Isn't it funny

how poems are where we come out

in those declarations

devout to what we are "truly" about?

It's like,

      "Ohhhh.. painnnn, sorrowwww...

      teeearsss... I'm so deep, you seeeee...

      Flowerssss,  emotionsss, look at meeee!!"


It doesn't "truly" work,

because half the time,

half the lines

are little white lies

dramatized and doubled

to make you sound

like you're dancing

on something oh so profound

and entrancing.

Begging... whispering...

      "Investigate me...

       Investigate me...

       Discover my lover's quotient.

       Divide me in half

       and piece together my wondrous

       little tokens."

No, man.

You're not the only one

to hide behind a poetry circus.

And for the most part,

decoding the masquerade

isn't worth the effort it took

to interpret.

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