Exploring this Land

Soaked fields

tremble under an ebbing dawn...

Subdued, the blades,

will whisper, drop by drop

to the heavens.

The tender skies

are ready to receive you once again.

Evaporate, my precious,

into angels' cups

and let it rain on me

once more.

             Night gently descends...

The heat is quelled

for a moment.

Night life...


creatures crawl,

as dormant paws

scrape naked earth.

Dirt diggers


for moistened soil.

From the moon's pearl core

does the glow of life and love


to pour.

Til your mountain tips -

dipped in creamy shine -

steam snow

down trails of melted lore...

And birds fly out

into the mist,

just to kiss a velvet cloud.

The intricacies

of intimacy

laced into airy puffs


as the shroud of sighs


before your face...

Your body amazes me,

and the nature of its composure

praises me in my countless journeys

across this land.

Like the river stream

gushing down thigh meadows...

Where arms branch out

and dipped finger twigs


in the surging flow,

             Before I quake...

And all of it quivers,


as morning dew creeps

onto skin-tight sentiments

and you're left

so wondrously


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