I Hear You

A fire

melts the frozen sky

into a rain of lullabies.

Clouds of silence part.

Buckets, upturned in godly hands

pour the art of Us.

My soul, indebted

to the seeds placed in her hands,


let loose, and


all over the land.

Roots would form,


Underground veins

carry earth's blood flow,

keeping the crimson planet of my



Look what has grown

from a shred

of allowance.

Of insurgency

against the urgency

that bled so many lovers

into premature puddles.

We are heaven and earth


The one-winged angels

clutched to each other

for flight.

We are allowing,

just like the day

gives way

to the coming of night.

And if you look up

the truth is exposed:

that angels scribble constellations

and we get the sensation

of perfect prose.

That I didn't know

God's lips

spoke out beautiful girls

until I heard

His word.

Thank you...

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