When We...

"When we touch,

the world will erode."

Traces of rock,

once imprinted on a cliff

will tumble off

one by one,

giving way

to a         wide                openness

when all is done.

No longer strung along

with the ephemeral  b~e~a~d~s

of transitory hopes;

Of catching the next high

before this dope

runs dry.

Of hurriedly switching gears

in park.

          Kill the filthy routine.

Lay with me

under poetry pages,

where all adapts

into art.

And the light of rhyme

leaves our ears glowing

in the dark.

          I hear your shine.

And the signs of time

all point in the same direction;

To the future,

where stars unborn

wait patiently

as gleams to be developed.

          It's almost time.

"When we kiss,

the world will explode."

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