Open Mic Series - Rant 1


Commence... Battle Transmission

pout, pout.

we don't know what it's about

but it sure sound lovely

up on the mic.

style over

the substance drought.

is that your game?

you that devout

to trade

poetics for fame

at shame's cost??

blame's lost on you.

an acid tongue

washed flaccid

and now you wonder

why you get sunburned

under the masses' attention.

no, man.

you fail to deliver.

the rails of a muse's balcony

quiver like shivered legs

in a snowstorm

of booze.

drunk on the notion

  "there ain't much to lose"...

but emotional groove

don't move right,

move tight,

under the limelight

of a fake.

a spoken disaster


the stench of his own


to sedate him

faster than he can imagine

how tragic

the disappearing act

of his magic


you're a class act

with raps and sonnets

and all other bonnets

to dress up a fuck-up

trapped up

in catchy ebonics

and code...


      lyrics flow nitro

      into a mic-show

      and watch the venue


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