Open Mic Series - Rant 2


It ain't

nothing but a headache

to hear the sound

of talking down

from clowns

on the same walking grounds

as me.

Leave the sermons

for God

and peep the microphone vermin

of a cat

on attack,

learnin that nothing comes from

stabs in the dark.

So I'm callin you out

to the limelight.

See if you rhyme right.

But you got

nothing to say.

Stark broke,

and spittin' your two cents

on credit.

I get it:

You're too good

to engage

in my slanderous slang.

I can see.

It's a dangerous game.

But when you come around

to emerging

from behind your boasts.

I'm urging you

face to face,

to undo the lid on me.

But watch the unveiling, dumbfuck:

Pandora ain't got


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