Nursery Rhymes


Strum dee dum.

Riddling fun.

Ho hum.

Inescapably Glum

For some.

One, two.

This is new to you.

I woulda knew

Which way it blew

When it said Toota-loo

If not for living in my pseudonym.

All the things I do for him

I'd do to you.

So who do you

Trust so much?

Him, then, when he flew to you?

Or all her honesty when she said 'Boo' to you?

Is to live to die or to fly?

Is it a fine time

To drift into the skylines

Of a metaphor?

Graffiti on my sign

Leaves me a set up for

Divine lines

Of mine lies.

Nine lives of truth

Are down eight

Soon consumed in due time.

Soon a lifeline unrefined.

Soon a sand dune undefined.

Soon resigned.

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