Crestfallen (Cause and Effect)

Faith moves mountains

So why are these rocks

at a standstill?

I'm hard-pressed to believe

that fallen leaves

can resuscitate

of my will

and be worthy of grander


But maybe Impossibility stems

only from fruitless acquittal.


We can, broken down and denied,

360 this world around

into a perpetual spin of faith.

And trust me,

the crestfallen

have the best weight

to validate this test.

There's a chilling wind

of adversity in the air,

but it don't mean nothing

except that earthly weather

is unbiased and twice as unfair.

Misfortune will never

circularly justify

the quality of the soul

it follows.

Wretchedness can only

be revealed

in reaction

to the sorrow.

Come now, this time tomorrow

a rapist may get a gift,

and a hitman

may win the lotto.

         So what?

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