fUtilize Your Tongue

Inescapable rhyme

seems incapable to capture

a time-span

of any kind.

we compress,

try to squeeze out the best

of a minute,

what's in it

& ease out the rest

but it don't quite

pan out

cuz we stumble,

and for a blank moment

we fumble for lips

as thoughts crumble

and we get stuck.


we're wasting

the clock hand strokes

to come..

the break in masturbation

leaves the pervert

mumbling jumbo filler

to string two points in a plot

against himself

to trick the jism

of a consonant


...lined  is the plan

for a vowel mooooovement

if we could only

slide the colon

between her parenth...

          I see...

...it was never the flip of the tongue

up her silk thigh


milk lake


that brought

Ms. Art to a cry.

Rather the way

my eyes would shine

in desperation

that inspiration like this

could never be


          by verse...


we're grateful to be alive

cuz the author's

dragged on a natural ending

and tagged on

a line or nine

when time for rhyme was



I'm circling laps

post haste

in a close race

against how quickly

my futile words

get swiftly eras...

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