I've been writing

Essays in the dark.

Not clear on

Where to steer the ink.

Where do I start?

Insanity scribbles itself

Into a stanza.

This is often how it embarks.

Pick up the phone

To hear the whispers

Of a heart

Through blistered fingers

Pressed upon different

Key tones.

A filter of kinds

Always seems to be in place

To sort out

Our deafening blasts

Into a weakened echo trace.

Type out the mystery.

Feelings through buttons.

Futile attempts

To catch the glutton of pain


Thank you for being so consistently

Out of my reach.

Cause I'll dream for eternity

Trying to capture

The waking moment

From where this beauty

Raptures across intangibility

To a corporeal realm.

My fingers play in the shade

And I have confidence enough

That I will be

Blindly coherent

In a poet's day.

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