vigor drained

there's no more energy

in these bones...

been so involved in


and it consumes me.

like nothing I do

can work out:

even a well-intentioned dragon

can only speak flames...

do I burn you?

do you turn blue

under oceans of my


and do you lose your breath

to sweet romantics

or static and stress?

are you gambling

on my heart?

there's no more energy

in these bones...

been so trail worn

for a while

and it consumes me.

how you follow me

on this path

staring at my back


if this is the hollow me

since exposed

for the scandal

I personify.

a walking vandal.

plant life wilting

to both sides.

head hung in shame,

not even authorized

to pain over the jilting

of my song...

there's no more energy

in these bones

been so attempting

for disconnection

from demons.


in an attempt to consolidate

the plurality of this realm

into a coherent


with me.

the anatomy

of a lie

extends nakedly

beyond time

and can always be traced

back to origination.

there's no more energy

in these bones.

been so at loss

to shine the radiance

of my renovation.


your palms outreach

to pet the falcon

in hopes

the dove you seek

will resurge...

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