Miss Beautiful

Whoring yourself out

to whatever sailors

will test your waters,

Miss Beautiful.

The epitome of my

love-hate relationship.

Say what they may,

sometimes you free my soul

in a lovely dance

of passion

that only you understand.

Sometimes you help me


the best

I've got, baby.

Yeah, it always comes around though...

Sometimes you're less of a woman

and more of a way

for me to get off.

An underwear

soaked with jism and juice

when I'm feeling


And we all vie

for a piece of that ass,

a slice of the pie.

Sometimes the slut.

Sometimes a little class.

You got it all

and I can't fault you,

spreading your love like bedsheets made

after one of your


one of his


There's a gangbang going on.

And we all blow our loads

at different times

in different designs.

Do your thing for now.

We'll catch up soon.

We always do.

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