Hands Extended Regardless

palms on ground

channeling trembles

into the asphalt

as faults form

and earthquake cracks manifest

in form of your basic


a walking disaster

after it's all over


why we come back

to you.

then they wonder

why we whittle

to such thin blunders of men

when we fiddle all day

with a broken bastard

trying to tweak

his Fatherless joke of a life

into bearable riddles.

yet I remember

two shades of December ago

I was cold and alone,

trapped between the black and white

of half-sundown

and prone to the rundown of light

before it rained

a flurry of poker decks --

       and I reached out a hand

       to upturn

       the King of Hearts

       when seemingly cardless...

I had

for too long

pulled a curtain over the Author's fire,

yet still it burned

until now


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