On What Grounds?


So much to ingest

it can be strenuous to filter

the best from the good from the

not so fresh.

Sometimes we get in

where we fit in

and make a name for ourselves

amidst the crowd,

where all pretend

it matters.

There's nothing flatter

than the illusion of

human excellence

splattered across the sidewalk

where we chalk up

our tally.

Yes, we'll all find our spots

where we're revered

for endeavors only as meaningful

as what we, the blind,


Let's blow each other's cock each other's


And gauge integrity

on broken grounds


In the meantime, I can't explain

why we smoke pot

in parking lots with cops,

talking philo-wisdom

and half-baked politics,

pretending clever chatter is hot.

          And truth be told,

          I haven't the foggiest how...

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