Poetry Reading (Take the Stage)


I'm not trying

To pronounce a standard sorrow.

And I don't want you snapping fingers

When I'm done

If you'll forget these fucking words tomorrow.


Let it pass in front of you

Like a fog.

A fleeting haze

That'll clear up before fall.

And every leaf will tumble.

Product of a rumbling wind.

Trees undressed

Will show

What withered pride we're in.

You shine finesse.

You whine the best.

You blind the rest

With fine duress.

You're quixotic,

At the very least melodic

With your quest to render us hypnotic messes.

Surrender us

To your pen.

Sickness prepackaged.





Or please, instead...

Rip the flesh of sound apart

And show us what you found

Inside a bitter heart.

Peel the crimson pump

One story at a time

And chances are

It won't cause dreamy eyes

Or even rhyme.

Let beady eyes

Do the staring for once.

And extend these stanza chunks into longer lines, so much in fact that they coil disgustingly around your tongue and down your spine.

Get snake bit.

Shit, eat venom

If you?re really gonna make it


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