Dirt Sponge

She's just

Perpetual pain.

Getting tested

Again and again.

Trying to smile

Through the gun smoke.

A martyr

For the world.

Personified ardor.

Oh my god, she tries

She tries

Yet stays

Synonymous with cries.

And I'm sorry for the plague

Of lies

We've all bestowed.

I'm teary eyed

For what you have allowed

To eat you up inside.

A squishy doll

Pressed clean

Of all resolve.

A sponge for dirt.

A board for claws.

Swallowing obscene

Toxic poisons,


And exhaling

What little purity



Painted sour

One excruciating hour

After another.

Shit if I don't see it

So you'd best believe it

Sure as I'm your lover.

And don't you dare

Never take credit

For it all.

You should've fallen, love

But here you are..

Oh god, I'm out of breath.

I'm out of time

To chokingly define

Through sputters

Any uttered line

Of how you shine...

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