Disregarding Direction

Disregard the careful consideration

Of what we look up to

And what we shun.

The sky is just

An ocean

In an upside-down world

Where pigeons drown,

Piranhas fly

And angels surface,

Rise up from the soil.


          In the form of a sullied girl.

          Eyes of candor

          Shine through filtered filth

          And the vision it spins

          Is beautiful

          To me...

Peeled back through the wisdom

And I saw her.

It was all a hazel sphere.

Half liquid

Half dream.

Cream swirled enough

To taste like what love means.

But there isn't enough time

To count the waves

That rush...

The bristles

Of a brush...

Or the blisters

Of a broken crush...

Just sob

Over one of a million sewer drains.

And let the newer rain

Collect with and revive

Those dormant memories

To show you why we came...

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