Thank You for This (Second) Chance

All my wickedness since shed

helps us breathe easy.

Breathe easy.

I remember...

"Excuse me, Miss.

But could you disregard

the puddle I just pushed you in?

I'd like to help you across the street now."

"Yeah, yeah, I know

I wasn't saying that minutes ago

but I implore you to reconsider

who I am.

Just stay with me for a little

and hold my hand..."

"I think then you'll see

this winding tunnel get track-lit

and expand into open air."

"I think then you'll hear

piano keys make harmonies

from cacophony bare."

"And the discord will unravel

to the ground

like cocoons unveiling the sound

of rebirth.

These echoes unearthed

will subdue the old clatter

and it'd have been worth

your sticking around."

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