Exit the Artist

Candles light lonely halls

and ballrooms

where on tables lay

carnival candy

and fingerpaints.

        the remnants

        of the most creative project

        ever undertaken.

Violins were made

from tree trunks

rubbed across jungle vines.

Hence we came to know

the booming sorrow of Nature.

Dirt was then defined

as stardust

fallen on the earth,

and never worth

what little we give it



were crafted

from broken mirror shards

and string.

And while it lasted

we adorned ourselves

with the heavens' reflection.

The sky was merely

sheets of faith

painted blue.

Some said then

we couldn't see the above

but the definition of Love

made that

not necessarily true.

Now candles light the lonely halls

and ballrooms

where on tables lay

broken pottery

and flattened clay.

        we've driven the Artist


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