Pull up the drape

And show me all the light I may have missed.

Where I faltered,

Where I'm meant.

Show me where futures

Were altered.

Where the ambiguity of night

Was exposed

By a candle flicker

Of chance.

Show me where pro-art

Begets con-artists:

The duality of man.

The fatalities

Of butchered dreams

By meager hands.

          Incredible feelings


          And thrown to the wayside.

          Show me the break in that plan.

Bread dissolves

Into scattered crumbs.

And we lick from the floor

One by one,

Trying hopelessly

To piece the specs

Into solid chunks.

Stanzas break


ore Me.

With wrong i's


Simply to score me

A prize.

How dear Life adored me

And shined

Through my eyes

Of Dawn.

          They came

          To wet your grass blade tips

          And all I could do

          Was keep mowing the lawn.


Save me a dance

On the dirt,

Dear Angel.

Enwrap me in wings

And show me the pleasure

That memories bring.

Tickle me with

An ivory feather

And I will sing

For you.

         "The flipside of a coin

          Has been

          Suddenly revealed

          And the gambler has left

          The building..."

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