With Me / To me

Exhibit to me,

the nature

of two lovers locked

in - ti - mate - ly.


     syllable by syllable.

Speak to me

a sigh that travels time.

And unraveled, every minute then,

should be

before my eyes.

     A single clock tick

     brings about another span

     of time spent with or without you.

     Where does the next :01 lie?

For if I am to quantify

what my heart has found, then

twenty-four hour days

are a merry-go-round

of you.

     Where entire lives

     devoted outwardly, towards each other

     are slices of eternity

     carved and fashioned,

     in the eyes of God.

Touch me,

with luminescent fingertips,

and trace me out

more virginesque than before.

     Reverting to tender baby-states

     where Light and Innocence make love,

     fleshing out Life.

Lay with me,

watching white expand

over lands redefined,

     As seasons

     sneak each other glances

     for the first time.

Stay with me.

Allow me to witness,

as melted snowflakes

pour out your mouth-corners

at the warmth of your word

with mine...

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