An Excerpt Remains

I still can't help

But feel overjoyed

For others' ballades

In touch with their envoys.

Your calm noise dissipates, man

Like phone static

With each conversation.

Convoy hearts of sincerity

Lead the way.

Skies clear up

And you can hear the voice of the heavens


What she had to say.

As for me,

Books have been published

By the dozens.

Pages have spawned

Countless siblings.

And cousins once congregated

For novel causes.

Newspaper clippings

Still hang

To be read

Again and again.

As of now

What's left is an excerpt

Of a poem:

          ...I've watched water rinse

           Over the palms of the intangible.

           Form was given.

           Love was driven,

           A nail

           Into walls.

           Life dangled in a frame

           Over it all...



Let it be.


Is Something

Taken away.

Play it by ear

From here on out.

Embrace the discord.

Through the cacophony

Something speaks

In tune.

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