I realized

the sun's shine

is universal.


to the subject

of its illumination.

And it warms me,

scorches me

to cries.

But as I reach to the sky

I see

I can offer it

nothing in return

save admiration

for its burn.

I once tried to pierce it direct

with a hatchet swing

but the melded metal melted into mellow liquid,

and poured through yellow meadows.

Leaving me tongue-twisted

by the end of day

when my medallion of words

was snatched

from my neck

and all that I had to say

was wrecked.

I have to learn

to praise the giant

from afar.

And let him be

the ever prominent star

I circle around

but never reach..

For it glowed before me

and it will

long after I'm gone.

Knowing nothing of the treasures

I could have crafted

in its eyes:

       Sun-spun poems,

       Acidic lines

       carved from the lemon ball itself.

       Squeezing the infinite juice

       onto pen-tips

       before I induce

       the fruits of its labor...

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