Broken Escalators

Wood cackles

under the flames

of a fear.

And the fire only grows

as much as we're willing

to feel.

It is a special kind

of Light.

Its effect

impartial to brightness


the darkness of night.

Yes, it always does shine the same

And the only determining factor

being the subject

under the glow.

I've said it once before:

We are triangle based

in this world.

Soul and mind

sit opposite each other

in their respective


Whence they both strive

for the trinity top

A human will properly learn

to align the parallels

of his existence

through a painful

yet healthy


We are not

being correct

when we try to shove watermelons

through soda bottles.

Nor are we right

in bouncing off trampolines

in attempts

to reach the sky.

And thank God

for the broken escalators

that teach us

how to ascend


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