Sometimes we are as narrow-minded to think that we are connected like stars to their constellations.

What limiting force is at work?  Trying to group the universe into tiny sections and    subsections?  And the more we break it apart, the more difficult it -- in its breathtaking totality -- becomes to re-sort.  

The more glue we need.

The more tedious it becomes.  

Having strewn about a billion fractions solved, dissolved to different corners of the   galaxy, with no working knowledge of the general.

Working from the Inside

Out,  not Outside


and there is always room for doubt.

God did not create first a room, then a house, then terrain to surround it.

It is indeed, the giant Circle we must initially envision

wherefrom every radius eventually appears

pointing to Center.

We will all get pulled there eventually

just as gravity pins everything to all sides of a globe.

We abandon the belief because it is not noticeably functional at first.

And so the world is like a sandbox.  We: the grains bunched together... In some areas we form hills.  In others we form holes.  But all is random.

If we could strive to be more like an ocean:

a single body moving to a ripple created a thousand miles away.

a coherent connection between any two, three, or infinite points.

for my soul is only half-contained

in the body it manifests.

The rest is in you and God at triangle top,

the Distributor

telling me nothing is linkless --

that my skin is not a barrier

for a closed ecosystem.

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