"On the earth we wished to grow, two trees with branches entwined." *1  

Even withered, bare brown and dressed in bark alone

We treasure the weathered moans:

The things that fell through the cracks

From what the lack of leaves could not catch.

It's raining fingers

as the water taps onto a window nearby

and wakes up a child who, rubbing his eyes,

peers out the pane of night to see

two silly old trees that once bore fruit

way before he was born.

And in not too long,

his eyes and imagination materialize:

Digging through the archive of his dreams

he widens his gaze to find

a silhouette of the upright trunks

with what seemed to be outstretched arms

raised towards the sky.

And he swears, to this day,

he saw a droplet of fresh sap

Surface like a tear

and trickle down

the caramel skin.

*1 - from Po Chu-i's "Song of Everlasting Sorrow"

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