Little Girl


A little girl stood, beach ball in wrapped arms, while the sky free-falled around her.  

And sand whispered into her eyes.  A grainy cry... a soiled pride...

Cogs of fate... Disks of inevitability... turn and rotate the hammer arm of irreversible harm.  

Her eyelids now tainted...

Pupils painted with their first thin dusty layer --

a filtered field of vision.

future's edge chiseled & gnawed away by teeth of steel.

But you know how the song goes.

"Lean into the wind / Til the hurricane of sin / knocks you on your ass"

But, what separates us from the skulls is we stay on the grass... dig underground tunnels to circumvent the corrupt oxygen path.  Re-emerge, dressed with moistened dirt that washes off... and stand at the goal cowardly clean...

But somewhere, you, little girl, trek above ground� breathe your acidic air!

And I learned from you --

To know a cloud true, you must witness it darken --

saturate with the devil

Then watch how it rains...


I am the moon to your SUN -

a soft sight next to your burn.

You stand engulfed in the flames of what you learned, but more mammoth for it.

While I stay a lambent gleam, in young lovers' eyes.

A medicine ball of matter, on crutches

as to my marble energy.

A widened spectrum, incorporating the bends of light to blend new fuchsias and whites,

as to my narrow hue tendencies.

A bloodied boxer's nose that heals with money and time.

as to those who barely pack a punch or dime.

Faith tested... and with a laugh that shook the very walls of the heavens and brought the angels tumbling down for the world to see!  There was a solemn beauty in the way her pain amplified the chords.

Battered and bruised -- toothless, with scrape-scarred flesh --

She walked the spiked path to freedom, planting foot after bare foot on Honesty's


Her overcoat was the air.

A turban of hair,

Breeze swept, wrapped around

like flags on supporting poles

when the wind becomes too much to hold.

There she stood

in awesome



And here we are

doing drugs on the beach

as the draft cools...

Rippled winds

send Sin through a breeze.

Rippled winds

send Love through the trees,

tickling force fields of imagination, & perhaps bring them down if you're into that whole sensation.

Rippled winds

carry jazz flow notes of a musical past:

when the slaves weren't Hebrew or Black.

And tin cans got hit to start rhythmic racket.

Rippled winds

scatter sand in the name of your fears: your antagonist.

Rippled winds

spread pork roast fires across the marshmallows of your desires

and onto the grass!

And how it burns if you choose to ignore that your stomping foot is water-comprised!

Waves of holy air

come crashing through in sonars

compressed for volume control.

Waves of deviled dust

rise from hellish quakes

as whirlwinds swarm the particles beautifully around in front of you

should you step into it

given the option.

And he holds this mixed poison in his hand,

asking her to pick it apart and take what she will.

Like bomb defusion --

Inexplicable wires to naked eyes --

And she takes her chance with the red.

But no, the purple looks like the vein of love that got her this far.

Yet the blue one is just too much a shade of the sky to deny.

Color-coded thoughts reduced to candy for the blind.  And we won't know until we try...

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