Silver Dollar

Dimly incandescent

room of fluorescent ching ching.


baked in clouding smoke,

made her pupils out in the distance -

Caught between

flashing lights

and machine rings.

With wine-dark eyes

she spoke -

I drank of her stare

and with subsequent gulp,

pulled casino lever..

watched the neon glows,

only to flush sevens

for the third time in a row!

          No longer baffled by it all...

          She showed me there was no such thing

          as luck...

I clasped my fingers for a moment

to fill the in-betweens -

merge life with dreams -

align impossible parallels

for what they mean...

As a whole, we understand:

It's easier not to believe

we can ride our bikes in the sand.

But I think she showed me

that rubber won't sink in the holy land

if, and only if, we shed the selfish pounds --

          Weak weight is heavier yet...

And as silver dollars poured

and coins scraped metal,

Reality piercingly settled

next to a beach sunset.

So when you stand next to the shore

Notice the dampened grains

mimic hardwood floors -

          coming together

          under a cleansing tide

          after having dried to partitions

          on their own accord.

So if it means I've died

in dessicated deserts

I will inconsequentially reach for Your rain...

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