My soul gravitates towards something

As if pulled

By some


Beyond me.

Yet the lock turns back

In an open door of the past

And I can't find the key

Long since drowned

In oceans of prophecy..

What will happen

Will inevitably transpire

Regardless of my input.

And sometimes it feels like

An area so purposely cleared

Has been shaded by an accident.

And she is my sun

Deciding which angle is best

For her burn.

Sometimes the shadows cast tall.

Sometimes they dissolve in the glare.

But it is my turn now to grow

In her stare.

Doors in my soul

Have been opened.

Some inward.

Some outward.

And the window to my heart

Stays agape

While winds blow through and back

And a cape of my fears

Twirls up in air tangles

Towards the sky...

Don't know where I'm goin

But my excuse to write a poem

Is you...

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