Her eyes shed

sentences of tears

onto my sheets..

speaking such wonders as,

     "Did you know

     you were cookie dough?

     And when I warm you right

     your sweetness grows?"

I could only sit dumbfounded

in a stare that likely said,

     "Yes, but now and then

     I need reminding."

And surrounding me

came phantoms she sent through the wind.

Cooing their song

in circles around me.

I waited, fearlessly

as they danced.

And through pale apparitions

     I realized

     ghosts were just

     angels without wings.

As if carved from moon chunks

they gleamed

with the funk

of thick disco beams

and cream-colored skies

of those we see

in dreams...

And I was entranced...

As skeletons

in heart cemeteries

dug out

and hypnotically danced.

No longer bedridden,

the dead had risen from comas

and awakened inside my stomach

Tapping away at the dirt

until the dust settled

at my eyes

for cloudy caramel cries...

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