Trading Up for Down

Today I defined

"up" as "down",

and as the world spun around my fingertips

I saw the natural incline

of our inner-earth

slanted towards the ground.

I daresay

we not defy

the gravity of our situation,

crawl against force-grains

simply to rugburn

for sake of a painful sensation.

I'll harness reality --

craft dreams

from the dirt..

put fantaspoons down

and leave sky cream unstirred

where it belongs -

as cloud puffs


cobblestone trails.

You could,

with feathers,

fly high

and rake the unattainably mine -


with hands,

grab hold

of the things I have laid out already --

my humbler rhymes...

On solid blocks,

I ask the fundamental --

Given the option,

        Would you trade your arms for wings?

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