my lips catch fire

when dressed with you

and I speak

with chimney tongue.

all it takes

is one image

and I'll be crafting landscapes

from your leer -

how your gaze is clear and present

as the stars are effervescent

and your crescent smile

makes the moon's twilight


when in your limelight...


amidst the haze

in luminous cerulean,

as fog nips at your heels

and you sway your hips into the clear...

electric eels

dance in circles

around you

and disco balls

spin rainbow dreams --

a color for each emotion

wrapped around

passion spheres.

In daydreams about

maroone ocean tops

and blood-red lagoons

I bathe in the life stream

of you...

I can soak in your color

like no other

so long as it's vibrant

and true...

and I wish I could entwine

your goldspun hair

around a finger

to capture the shine that lingers...

child of moon and breeze,

chill my bones.

freeze my disease

and grow your glow

into hazel spheres around me


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