Roof Leaks and the Weak


a righteous man

in touch with the cloud clan

smiled upward

for all his fortune,

speaking in blessings

to the heavens..

until one day

a roof leak

formed puddles in his kitchen

and he slipped,

losing split-second sight

of his mission...

he packed his bags

and walked outside

to blame the skies.

as faith lay

broken in a thousand pieces

littered on the floor.

he stepped

onto barren land...

laid out a greedy demand

to the man with the masterplan --

holding shattered shards

in bleeding palms

he just cried

never knowing

he held the glue all along.

a bloody abortion

of the situational belief

once created

to maintain

sheets clean and dry,


on angel-twine clotheslines..

but he never anticipated

the rain...

and self-suffocating lies

undermined the power

of a tattered heart

so he sang

scapegoat songs

and just walked along.

selfishly bawling,

working ass backwards

away from his healing song.

and there were a million others

just like him

under the sun,

as they sat together

eating peanuts in the desert.


while the true remain

in ripped seams

and torn sleeves

on sidewalks in the rain..

with hands weary

pushing shopping carts

of faith...

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